Wagyu hotpot slice mbs


Our Australian Wagyu Beef Slices (MBS3-5) are excellent as an β€œeveryday” beef because it is very versatile. You can cook these slices in a stir-fry, hotpot, sukiyaki or shabu shabu.



Aussie Wagyu hotpot slice, marble score 6 to 8, good balance of meat and fat, perfect with hotpot.

Trust me, I have this all the time, you can’t go back once you have this. Taste awesome and easy on your wallet.

Sliced 1.5mm, 500g per tray.

Can feed 2 people per tray, can put in fridge for 3 days or freezer for 3 months.

Also ask us about our famous Tetsuyas black truffle sea salt to go with it.

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