Pons Black Truffle Extra Virgin Oil (Premium) 100ml


Infused with highly prized black truffle, Pons Black Truffle Oil adds a wonderfully earthy note to dishes.



Use it to add a rich note to red meats like our Wagyu, lamb, game, pasta like risotto, mash potato, foie gras or even to elevate the humble Omelette.

Add an elegant touch to any meal or even hotpot.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with late harvested arbequina olives that are macerated and infused with Black Truffle. It is a very aromatic, extremely fragrant oil with an intense flavor that makes it a star of with top Chefs. Currently the Catalan Pyrenees has become a great producer of black truffle that fused with the excellences of our Arbequina oil provide intense sensations.

Imported from Spain

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