Ling Fish Maw (NewZealand)


100% Natural Premium Quality New Zealand Ling Fish Maw

– Sourced from wild catch ling fish
– No added chemicals, 100% pure, 100% natural and organic.


New Zealand Made天然野生深海鱈鰵魚花膠,膠質豐富,肉質爽滑,咬感佳,唔瀉身,可以炆燉煮做花膠扒添!營養豐富,增強免疫力既滋補佳品!

未浸發, 每包500gram (約25至30塊)

Retail price is $400 to $450 per 500g

– 紐西蘭優質保證
– 天然生長
– 產自世界上最純浄水域
– 高級健康食品

Ling fish is an ocean fish, they are found in the deep seas in New Zealand and surrounding sub Antarctic international deep sea.

500g per pack, 25 to 30 pcs per pack.

Store in a cool, dry and shaded area.

Soaked fish maw should be stored in the refrigerator at below 0c if not cooked.

Thaw each time before cooking

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