Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Slice (Premium) 500g


Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef Slice that’s perfect for sukiyaki. Enhance the flavours of your meals using the finest cut of prime-grade wagyu beef.

Often referred to as the “foie gras of beef”, this highly sought after super-beef is recognised for its superior marbling that’s delightfully buttery, decadently rich and distinct in flavour. Add this quality cut to shabu-shabu where thinly-sliced beef and seasonal ingredients are stewed in an umami-rich kombu seaweed broth. The beef slices are cooked by swishing them in the boiling stock for a couple of seconds before being dipped in tasty sauce to eat. This fun, sociable and tasty hotpot dish make for a fantastic winter warmer. Try cooking shabu-shabu at home with a table top grill and a large pot.

Storage instructions: Your wagyu beef will be delicious for up to 1 week in the fridge. After this please freeze. We supply Japanese wagyu beef A5(BMS10-12).



Kagoshima A5(BMS10-12)
500g/tray – 2mm slices

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