Joselito Jamon Iberico 5J Ham 70g (Spain)


Joselito Ham is quite unique, 100% natural, and has been declared the ‘Best Ham in the World’.


Joselito hams are from the area of Salamanca. The pig has been only fed with acorns and pastures. The ingredients used for its preparation are pork ham and salt. It does not contain any preservatives, neither chemical additives, gluten or lactose which makes it suitable for everyone.

Joselito Hams are unique in flavor and characteristics. Its flavor is soft, delicate and a little sweet. Its caña is long and stylized and the meat is bright, with color between red and purple. Its fat is unctuous which melts in the mouth, of a nice aroma, fluid and intense of prolonged flavor. Its percentage of fat is higher compared to other hams, one of the reasons why it is so good and has such an intense flavor. An incomparable ham!


Origin: Salamanca
Curing time: +36 months
Feeding: Acorns and pastures
Producer: Carnicas Joselito S.L


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