Hiroshima XL Oyster frozen packs


The oyster meat is full, sweet and fragrant, and has a smooth texture, whether it is pan-fried, deep-fried, char-grilled or hot pot.


TAKANOBU 2L SIZE (1 KG pack-26 to 35 pcs)

Every bite is full of oyster fragrance. Hiroshima Prefecture is rich in oysters. It is the No. 1 oyster town in Japan. The oysters are thick in body and sweet in quality. They are all washed before packaging.

Tips: Because oysters should not be cooked for too long, you don’t need to defrost them and cook them directly~ It can prevent the oysters from overcooking and becoming tough.

Hiroshima Prefecture is located in the central part of Japan and is particularly rich in seafood. Hiroshima Prefecture has a long history of farming oyster farms and is well-known as Japan’s leading oyster industry.

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